Why A Resume Results Group Resume Actually Gets Job Seekers Results!

By Andy McDermott, Resume Results Group, Inc., March 2017

One of the first benefits new client’s notice about our services at The Resume Results Group Aka Resume Results is we emphasize that getting results is the ultimate goal of our work.  Whether it’s resume results, job search results or career coaching we know that from the onset of our customer relationships we must be successful in providing services, but more importantly supporting our clients until their goals have been met.

Some clients come to us with the goal of finding a job.  Some client’s come to us because they feel the need for growth in their careers and while they are employed job seekers they desire better opportunities.

Some clients that come to us who have been terminated from a past employer have holes in their tenure.   Some clients have a difficult time with the interview process and require coaching to help them gain the confidence they need to perform professionally and comfortably on job interviews.

Our first objective is to triage each client’s situation and gain insight as to how we can be most effective. The best resume writing services do this for their customers.

Each client has their own unique characteristics, dreams, hopes, desires and ambitions.  One recent client, Beverly Duval from Palm Beach, Florida retired from her job of nearly thirty years as a sheriff.  Beverly believed she had nothing left to offer employers.  She believed her work as a sheriff disqualified her from good opportunities.

After our first consultation with Beverly we noticed she had special talents and skills such as organizing, creating and using computer software to manage her household.  Beverly is a people person, with a flair for arts, culture and design.  Beverly ordered our resume services, a LinkedIn profile, job search services and career coaching.

Resume Results transformed Beverly right before her eyes.  We blended her background in law enforcement with many other quality skills and created a resume designed to offer meeting planning to law enforcement organizations.

In two months Beverly was hired by a law enforcement association to plan, implement and host their meetings and conferences.  Even better, because she is retired she was able to work part-time and garner a competitive salary with travel benefits.  We landed Beverly results that she wanted but never imagined.  She considers Resume Results one of the top resume services.

Resume Results is about commitment, exposure, meticulous presentation and exemplary writing.  Attaining success as a job seeker requires commitment, vision and a sense of purpose and it is our own organizational objectives to provide that commitment, vision and purpose to each of our clients.

Our holistic approach allows us to evaluate our client’s lifestyles, backgrounds, personal and financial needs in order to tailor a package that works for their lives.  We understand that Job seeking is not a one size fits all task.

Matching our clients with the best opportunities for their lives and helping them understand why they are (or perhaps aren’t) a good fit for some roles is key to our work.  Self-actualization is a first step to being successful at anything we do.

When we see ourselves clearly, we see the outside world clearly and then we are able to identify what we (all) have to offer the world around us.

The following is what we consider Resume Results’ Seven Commandments for Job Seekers:

  • Know yourself completely and know exactly what you wish to attain. Be precise and descriptive about your goal or your next job or career field. If you don’t know – learn it and make a decisive goal to get it.
  • Get help, find resources and identify any personal or professional challenges to meeting your goals.
  • Align your personal life with your vision and your professional life (get organized, eat well, rest).
  • Aim straight and aim high and begin your search by utilizing all available resources in preparing your resume, preparing for interviews and conducting in depth job searches.
  • Practice and prepare for interviews. At least 24 hours before an interview take time to reflect on your goal.  Be prepared for any question.  Do not fool yourself into believing that because you have a great personality or that people generally like you and you “winged it” in the past you can just walk in and sell it.  If that were the case, you would not have been denied opportunities.  Employers like people who are likable, more importantly they hire people who are capable and prepared.
  • Remained committed and determined. Don’t let a rejection rule your future.  Do all you can to “let go” when they say no.  All things do happen for a reason.
  • Reload when necessary! Spruce up the wardrobe for interviews, practice more, revisit the resume while continuing aligning your personal life with your professional life and vision, repeat an earlier step when necessary. Stay focused because you will get favorable results.

All of the above speak to readiness and preparedness.  Imagine what Presidential candidates do each day to be ready for the masses.  Job seeking should be just as important for you.  Follow these steps and get the results you desire.  That’s why our clients consider us one of the best resume writing services.

Resume Results is a team of qualified and experienced professional resume writers and career coaches from many backgrounds including law, IT, public relations and academia.  We are here to support our clients in any way possible.

At Resume Results we understand that your reputation is our reputation.  As Beverly stated to us when she landed her job “Resume Results Group was the shot I needed to boost my career.”

The business of professional resume writing is not for the faint at heart.  It is a challenge where we don’t stop until we succeed for our client. That’s why clients consider us a top resume service.


Best Regards,