Top Professional Resume Writing Service

By Andy McDermott, Resume Results Group, Inc.

Qualified, top professional resume writing services are rare and not easy to identify.

Finding the best resume writing service is key to getting a quality resume that gets an applicant a job.  Many applicants are easily convinced by resume writer certifications, professional websites and pricing.

Unfortunately, there is no one, or specific method to choosing a top professional resume writing service.  However, following some simple smart shopper rules and identifying your needs first will likely lead you to the resume writer that is most suitable for what you seek.



When seeking a professional resume writing service, you want the best. Most importantly you want the best options that offer best quality at best value pricing.

It’s critical to employ a service that can meet or exceed your timeline. Your resume writer needs to recognize your greatest qualities and achievements and translate that information into a living document that illustrates your best professional assets and best promotes you to employers.

There are multiple resume writing services available online, but the top professional resume writing services are the ones you can trust to deliver quality product that results in you getting hired.

Many of my clients often complain that they have used professional resume writing services in the past and received sloppy resumes. They also got little to no guidance or service and ultimately they experienced a lack of trust in professional resume writing services.

Make no mistake – like in any other industry, the gimmicks, con-artists and fly by night services are out there and it is up to you as the consumer to protect your interests by choosing the right service that fits your needs.

As a professional resume writer, I can share some tips on what to look for.

First you must identify your goals. For instance, are you seeking a specialized resume such as a resume geared to Federal employment or an executive level resume; or are you fresh out of college and interested in gaining sustainable employment to gain experience?

Consider your budget and also consider the availability to speak with your writer about your goals.  It is key that a top professional resume writing service must know who are and what your specific needs are.

Many resume services place high emphasis on having certified writers.  I have been in this business for more than twenty years and while I can agree having a certified resume writer may result in what you need, it is not a guarantee.

Writing ability alone also does not guarantee well-constructed resume.  Resume writing is a unique talent and it requires the writer to be the voice of their customer.

Customers need resumes that will get them exposure, brand their identity and offer style and exemplary writing.  There is a unique blend of skills and talents that results in a winning resume.

Another consideration when selecting a resume writing service is to identify if that service offers others services to support your job seeking efforts.  A resume alone does not always get applicants an interview.

Combined with a professionally written LinkedIn Profile, job search services and some time getting coached by your writer can often times catapult your efforts and will distinguish you from other applicants.

When seeking the top professional resume writing services available keep in mind the following:

  • Your resume is a living document and it is your professional DNA on paper. It should be a unique tool that sets you apart from the rest, meticulously written with the result of landing you the job you desire.
  • Your resume will be judged and compared to hundreds if not thousands of other resumes.
  • Price does not always equate to quality.
  • A reputable resume service will offer a service guarantee.

Choosing a top professional resume writing service is not like choosing a brand new car, but more so like choosing a vacation destination because price, timing, special features and your needs are essential to making the right choice.

Resume Results Group offers an array of related and support services to your resume clients – all geared to get our clients hired.  We also offer thirty minutes of free consultation, split in two meetings, before and after the resume process so that we know our clients’ needs from the onset.

No matter what service you choose, do your homework and compare all of the services and unique features offered.