Should You Hire a Professional Resume Writing Services Online? Maybe.

By Andy McDermott, The Resume Results Group, Inc., March 2017

The world can be a crazy place and the internet is no exception.  Fortunately, the internet has become a normal way of life for doing business and professional resume writing services online are quickly becoming a popular method of purchasing professional resume writing services.

The first questions that come to mind when considering a professional resume writer are (1) what criteria do we use to define what a professional resume writer is; and (2) can professional resume writing services be successfully offered and executed online?  The third and final part of this blog will cover whether or not the public can trust the services of a professional resume writer online.

First, a “professional” can be defined as someone engaged in a particular business who is conscientious, well-versed, receiving a financial return for services and following ethical or line of conduct standards.  Not just anyone or everyone can truly be considered a professional.  The bottom line is that professionals should come with some credentials as it relates to their business.

Professional resume writers should at least be good writers, somewhat educated, experienced and having a track record of performance.  Oftentimes writers can be certified or have particular distinctions which qualify them as writers – in particular, writing to promote, market or sell professionals in a manner consistent with customer expectations and industry standards.

Combine the above with talent and skill and you can rest assured that a professional resume writer is a distinct practice and function. However, nothing is more important than the product, service or outcome a customer gets when hiring a professional.  Let’s face it, there are lousy, credentialed professionals in the world, doing business every day.

Here are some questions smart shoppers should consider in addition to the above criteria when identifying a professional resume writer or ordering resume writing services online:

  • Does the resume writer have a well-defined process, including solid contact information and a structure in place to handle unique circumstances or problems?
  • Does the resume writer offer a guarantee and is the writer available?
  • Does the resume writer speak directly to the customer?
  • Are any reviews or testimonials available? Is there any social media or customer feedback on the web?
  • Are there secure payment methods when ordering service?
  • Finally, here’s a big one: Is the resume service you are considering merely a larger company that hires writers when the work comes in and split the profits?

From the credentialing to the questioning, all of the above are important factors to consider when hiring a professional resume writer online.   Like anything else, there is a trust factor involved with purchasing professional resume writing services online or in person.

Here are some pointers on what to look for when hiring a professional resume writer:

  • Consider the availability of your writer to speak directly with you regarding your resume before, during and after the process. That’s the way we achieve goals and measure success.
  • Writing resumes as a profession usually requires more than just writing talent, or even resume writing talent. Consider what related products and services your professional resume service offers (i.e., resume distribution, social profiles, interview preparation and coaching).
  • Consider the resume writers credentials to include experience, education, and certifications – and most of all their record of success with resume writing.
  • Finally, consider what recourse or action is in place if you are not satisfied as a consumer.

Ordering anything online can present risks.  Unless you’re ordering from Amazon, eBay or a large department store or well established companies like Microsoft or Apple for example, we all have some ambivalence, especially when a business is not local.

Keep in mind we live in a virtual world and the best resume writing service may not be located in your city, state or country.  Today, doing business nationwide and worldwide is in fact a social and economic norm.  These days we buy clothes, music, household goods, consulting services, and even find love online.  Resume writing services are no different.

Your resume is a very important commodity and should be one of the most useful documents in your career.  Any lack of clarity, errors, structural or design issues can lead to your resume ending up in file 13 (aka “the garbage”).  It is a well-known fact that 7 out of 10 resumes submitted for any job go unnoticed, overlooked or flat out disregarded.

Good professional resume writers know specific techniques, current trends, and unique factors that must be in a resume so that an applicant can compete with large pools of candidates.

Quality, professional resume writers use a unique blend to offer the absolute best to their customers.  A resume should speak to the customer, the recruiters and hiring managers.  It should catch their eyes and be organized, properly formatted, well written and contain the right information to be considered.  Many companies now use computer software to rate candidate’s resumes so the right wording for your profession is essential.

The best resume writing services must be honest and uphold the highest integrity.  An honest and professional resume writer cannot transform an entry-level clerk into a CEO with a resume.

What we do as professional resume writers is blend our customers experience, skills and talents, then transform what exists into their realistic vision in order to land the job they desire and deserve.  We give clients an edge over the competition and solve complex challenges that hinder them.

Like anything in life, there are good ones, bad ones and ones that make no difference whatsoever.  Use all the factors discussed in this article to make a wise decision and become a satisfied customer, whatever choice you make.  My best advice to shop around and consider what points discussed in this article.

Best Wishes,