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It’s not enough to have a resume and cover letter. When companies begin to narrow down a job candidate field, they will do a LinkedIn resume search. We’ll make sure they see the profile of a true professional who knows how to market themselves today.

LinkedIn – does it really matter?

LinkedIn is less of a social network and more like the world’s biggest business network. Every second, two new users join this long-running, worldwide, connection-making machine.

Fun facts: LinkedIn has around 500 million users worldwide. There are 188 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 60, and 130 million Americans have accounts on LinkedIn.

It definitely matters.

Yet many people do not have sharp LinkedIn profiles. There are several different aspects to having a good one; most people have two or three nailed down, at best.

That ends up being a good thing. Any great job will have competition, and it is a statistical inevitability that one of your competitors will have a groan-inducing LinkedIn profile. This is a great opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd.

LinkedIn is just the start

LinkedIn is the number one social media priority for anyone actively seeking employment. Resume Results Group has experienced, technically-savvy professionals who will create a LinkedIn profile that validates an employer’s good opinion of you. But what about the rest of your social media accounts? Employers will often seek out as many accounts as possible. We can take care of those, too. Here are the steps in the process:

  1. Audit your social media footprint

  2. Create a top-notch LinkedIn profile

  3. Advise you on the rest of your accounts

  4. Create profiles for those as well, upon request

Resume and LinkedIn services

Resume Results Group guarantees that we will create an outstanding LinkedIn profile which meets all the best practices involved therein. We will go above and beyond to advise and deliver profiles that cover all the bases of what makes a great profile. We’ll also make sure that your resume is front and center, and that embarrassing picture from that college toga party isn’t the first thing employers see on all your other networks, as well.

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