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Searching for a new job is, well, a full-time job. It can certainly eat up as much of your time as any employment position. Don’t you wish you could turn it over to someone and have them take care of everything? Our targeted job search service does exactly that – it’s like no other service being offered today.

This is how to job hunt

Imagine you had a magic genie that knew of dozens of job opportunities that were in line with your skills. Imagine that this magical creature went to all these employers and actually contacted them on your behalf without you lifting a finger. Imagine if you knew exactly who was being contacted, and when.

That’s the magic of the job searching service from Resume Results Group.

In many instances, our clients are contacted for interviews by up to half of the contacts we’ve made on their behalf. Job searching is often a numbers game – the more people you contact, the better your chances at landing a job. This service helps you win that game.

The nuts and bolts

Job Searching Level I

Up to 20 applications/contacts with consultation and cover letter included

Job Searching Level II

Up to 40 applications/contacts with consultation and cover letter included