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Probably more than any other resume, government resumes are best handled by a professional resume writing service. Resume Results Group is based in the Washington, DC area, so we know the drill.

Resume writing for government jobs

Forget what you know about resume writing

In the private sector, the trend is to summarize your skills, experience and education on a taut, one-page CV. Writing a government resume is usually far more detailed. Even an entry-level job can be five pages long; anyone who applies for a GS-12 position (or above) should be prepared to hit double digits.

Yes, the federal government wants you to list the same basic information as a “typical” resume, but in far greater detail. One job may elicit an entire page or more.

There are also specific requirements for formatting. Every resume should be in more or less the same format so that no one gets an advantage from clever styling.

Around 22 million people are employed by the US government – about the same number by every Fortune 500 company combined. This doesn’t even account for local governments. And 500,000 government employees make at least $100,000 per year.

Statistics like that can make you want to dust off your resume and head over to If you do, you’ll soon see that the Federal Government’s resume requirements can be a lot different than in the private sector. That’s where Resume Results Group comes in.

Government Resume Writing Service Levels

Because government resumes are so varied in length, we have three pricing levels:

Level I: GS 1 – GS 5

Local Government Resumes

Level II: GS 6 – GS 10

Federal Government Resumes

Level III: GS 11-15

Federal Government Resumes

* Includes a Cover Letter