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Twenty years of experience – it’s not a term we throw around lightly. It the cumulative experience of many seasoned professionals who have but one goal: to get you hired. Preferably, at the greatest job you’ll ever have.

Our Leadership Team

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Andy McDermott


With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Andy has landed jobs for many leaving none dissatisfied. Andy is a talented writer, producer and well versed having a strong and lengthy background in the arts, law, government and human resources. Andy is committed to the ethical foundation that Resume Results Group has a shared reputation with our clients. Degreed, certified and experienced, Andy leads our team to execute the mission of getting quality professionals jobs, promoted and overall career advancement.

Latricia Good

Partner & Consultant

Latricia is a well-seasoned professional in Human Resources, Public Relations and Planning. She’s is credentialed and known for being a Master of her craft in promoting people with personal branding. Degree, Certified and experienced, her passion is working with the hearts and minds of the masses to lead them to their best endeavors.

Justice Robinson

Administrative Director

Recognized for a superior quality and mastery of coordinating all elements of a multifaceted and busy environment, Justice serves to run the administration of our organization in unique fashion. From Accounting to Consultant Development Justice blends his talents, background and experience in a profound manner in order to manage the day to da operations of the company.

Twenty Years of Experience

Our team is always looking out for you

Nia Good

Social Media Manager


Recognized for an utter and complete understanding of modern day promotion and technology, Nia leads in development, critical analysis and making vision a reality! Educated, trained while brining strong personal characteristics, Nia comprehends and translates vision!

Chuck Rose

Advertising and Marketing Lead


Chuck is an educated, sophisticated and down to earth planner, executes the daily functions of executing Advertising and Marketing for multiple successful companies. Charles aims to reach to the people who need the product or service and possesses a ratio of success second none.

Juan Glenn

Graphic Design Manager


Always operating as a major think tank, and available to review all work from resumes to social media profiles, Juan possesses an amazing capability to identify challenges and translate them into opportunities. An educator in the Arts and Humanities, Juan serves Resume Results Group from the personal to the professional. Truly a master of his craft he coordinates and manages day to day function of the team to create a streamlined operation and guarantee quality in all we do!

Monica Fearon

PhD Psychology, Senior Coaching Adviser

Malena Smith

MBA, Senior Coaching Adviser and Job counselor

Professional, spiritual and personal wellness coach